Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Watery Cave

Entry 4 Night 2

I spent many long hours exploring the caves encountering little in the way of trouble. On my person I had numerous torches which I placed all throughout the caves. It wasn't until I began mining that I had any issues. I found a number of iron deposits and coal deposits that would come in handy. All told I came out with a little over 35 pounds of iron ore and almost twice that in coal. As I made my way out of the cavern, I saw a figure up ahead. His skin was slightly green and he was stumbling blindly through the tunnel.

Suddenly he turned to me with outstretched arms and let out a deep moan. I pulled out my sword and stood my ground. The undead creature loped toward me and once he was in swinging-range, I took a mighty heave and sliced its head from its neck. Before it hit the ground, its body turned to dust. As the head hit the tone floor, it too was gone in a wisp of dust. I stood over the remains a moment and sifted through the dust with my sword. A clang sounded and I realized I hit something metal. Pulling it from the dust, I realized I had found an iron sword. I sheathed both weapons and started back toward the waterfall. Behind me, deep in the tunnels, I could hear a distant hiss. I was not interested in discovering what manner of snake-creature would produce such a sustained hiss. It was almost like the burning of a fuse...

When I came back to the waterfall where I had entered, I looked behind me. The hissing had gone away, but was replaced by the patter of footsteps. It was as if a small army of rats, or some four-legged creatures, was following close behind me. I grabbed a hold of the rock-face beside the waterfall and began to climb out into the falls. As long as I held fast to the rock face and moved slowly, I would be able to scale the waterfall and pull myself out into the eddy.

I made slow progress but soon I was nearing the top of the waterfall. Looking back I could make out the shape of two strange creatures. They crept along on four stunted legs and glared at me from their perch. One began to hiss at me again and leapt into the waterfall. Some distance down, I heard a powerful explosion that jolted me and nearly pried my grip from the rock-face. I could see daylight through the water above and knew this was my best chance of getting out of the cavern. Securing my grip, I continued my climb upward. Below me the creatures hissed angrily and leaned out toward the waterfall. Another one must have leaped into the fall just as I pulled myself up into the spouting water, as another explosion rocked me. I clawed my way up into the eddy and emerged, sputtering in the river. I let it carry me a short way before I grabbed a hold of the bank.

The sun felt like salvation on my face and as soon as I had regained my strength, I went back to my hole. On the way back I killed a few wild pigs and cooked them in a small oven I built out of stone. I ate while my iron smelted. I rested with the intention of starting my tower when I awoke.

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