Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tower Construction

Entry 6 Day 5

I visited the village briefly to thank the village elders for their guidance. While I was there, the village elders showed me how to use my mind to speed construction. This is how they are able to get an entire house built without having to spend more than a day on construction. With the mind, you have to first sense the materials, all things in this world have some kind of... energy. Using that energy you are able to make the materials cohere into block-shaped masses and place them easily. Once they are in a position, the tendency is for the material to retain that shape until you forcibly remove it.

I have been working on my tower for almost two days straight now using this technique. The tower walls, judging from my hole's entrance, are now 25 meters high and I have started on a ceiling. I have run into a block, though. The trees on the inner side of the tower hang over the wall and I do not wish to cut out any part of the Elders. My plan is to cantilever the upper floors of the house a small distance, perhaps only two or three meters, out over the jungle on the front side. This will allow me to finish building my tower up alongside the Elders. Yesterday while building the walls, I pulled some of the Elders' vines down so they would cover over my hole's entrance. Although I only brought them around in the one place, they seem to be growing wild in a few places. I also decided not to cut down the tree on the west side of the tower. It has a thick layer of vines on it that also make it easy to climb up, so I think I will save this as a means of getting from one floor to the next. This way if the night-creatures break into my home, I will be able to escape them, regroup and retaliate from the next floor.

Night before last, I leveled most of the depression out and filled my new courtyard with torches to ward off the night. The Ender-mens' servants no longer come in through the floor of my tower, especially since I covered the floor in cobblestone. I hear them outside, though, testing my walls. Trying to find a way in to extinguish the light. For now, it seems, I am safe.

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