Saturday, March 3, 2012

Groaning in the Night ...

Entry 2 Night 1

I was awakened in the night by strange noises far off in the darkness. I placed a torch in the window of my hiding place before going to sleep. I could hear what sounded like a distant low groan. All the reasons for my fear of the night returned to me in that moment and I was terrified. Here, night is not a safe time. When darkness covers the world, evil things crawl out from their hiding places to roam the land. I knew that the light of my torches was the only thing that would keep the creatures at bay, that and the hastily erect wall at the mouth of my hole. I had a momentary thought about the people in the village below. Were they, too, safe from the horrors of the night? I prayed they would be. Tomorrow I will go down into the village to find out. It will be nice to talk to someone else in this strange place.

I expanded my hole a bit, first carving out the last of the coal, then moving on to stockpile stone. I had a few nice piles of stone and will be able to build a better shelter that doesn't reek of mud and where all manner of insects can wriggle into my hair and clothing. I will want to set up a bath of some kind as soon as possible.

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