Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Elder's Abode

Entry 14 Night 9

Night surrounded me as I made my way along the river bank toward the village. I was very tired and I had much work to do. As I entered, the elder saw me and summoned me to his longhouse. Without a thought I entered and was greeted. The elder shut the door for me and helped me with my pack.

"I sense that you have a great burden, a wound and much to discuss. First you must sleep, other-kin. Not a thought, nor a word." He set my things by the wall in the corner and led me to the back. Here several beds had been built and set. Never had I seen beds, or any furnishings for that matter, in the elder's longhouse. I would wllow myself to worry about such mysteries the next day. For that moment, I was tired and wounded. The healer came by later as I saw her again in my dreams, her supple form bathed only in light. Unabashed I marveled at the beauty of her body and reached out to touch her. A strange expression, like surprise came to her face and she smiled.

"No, other-kin", she said a shy smile spreading over her lips. "That is not for you to do now." She finished her work and was gone again from the room, though I let the image of her remain all night.

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