Sunday, March 4, 2012

Seeking Stone

Entry 7 Night 5

With an unfinished roof on what is essentially a giant stone box in the middle of a jungle, comes the worry that during the night the servants of the Enders will find a way into my home. With what little stone I had left I crafted several stone picks and set out for the only other place I knew I could easily mine for large quantities of stone : the whirlpool cave.

This time I grabbed some nearby vines and lowered them into the eddy. They held resolutely against the whirlpool's pull. Holding tightly to the vines, I lowered myself into the eddy and the cave. I found the ledge that I climbed the rockwall to safety last time. Luckily the exploding creatures did not destroy the ledge, but a part of the cave further down the waterfall. I swung onto the ledge and followed my torches again. I found a place in the cave and began mining.

I had a barely started mining when I heard a strange noise. It was almost like a coo or a child's voice but in fast forward. I looked up and, to my dismay, locked eyes with an Ender-man. He immediately opened his mouth and released a strange, strangled cry, charging directly toward me. I pulled out my iron sword and braced myself.

It swung its long arms at me, trying to knock me off-balance, but I was able to back up a few steps to avoid him. It was then I realized he wasn't trying to kill me by hand but seemed determined to push me into a crevice at my rear. With a flash of torchlight, I brought my sword down on an arm, severing it straight away. Clearly surprised, the creature faltered for a moment and disappeared. From behind me, I was thrown to the left against a rockwall. I rounded and saw the Ender-man charging me again. I thrust forward, but the Ender-man dodged low losing his footing in the process. Following right behind him with another thrust, the point of my blade found the creature's neck. Looking into my eyes a moment, the Ender-man saw his doom.

Everything was gone, and suddenly I was on a island in the midst of a sea of fire. Above my head, glowing spires of crystal spiraled downward and massive cascading lava flows poured from the ceiling. Around me I heard snarls and growls. Groups of undead staggered listlessly, their dead eyes drifting from on thing to the next. When their eyes passed over you, they saw only air, and moved on. The heat of lava scorched my skin and the smell of sulphur filled my nose. In the side of a cliff, a red fortress of bricks crouched over the lava sea like a dragon over a horde of gold.

Suddenly a noise came to my ears over the bubbling of lava and the heaving of dead lungs; it was like the voice of the Enders but higher pitched and sobbing. Through a lava flow a bubble seemed to be forming until the curtain of molten rock divided and I saw what was coming. A creature like a ghostly jellyfish emerged from the lavaflow, it body still wreathed in flames. It's eyes came to me and it's face went from sadness to rage, and it puffed up its cheeks and belched out a ball of fire. As the orb drew closer all went to darkness again and I was back in the cave, the Ender-man glaring into my eyes. With a final push, his eyes went dark and his body evaporated in a puff of purple-black smoke. I collapsed and looked around the cave floor. My body lurched and the chicken and pork I ate earlier spattered onto the cave floor. My armor plates were hot to the touch, my clothes stank of sulphur and smoke and a strange reddish dust clung to my boots.

What was that place? Why had the Ender-man sent me there just as he died? I looked up and gripped my sword. The village elders had to know something. As my eyes rose, the glint of something small and round caught them. A small pearl lay where the Ender-man perished, just next to the point of my sword. I collected the pearl and remastered myself, shouldering my pack. I had to talk to the villagers. Only they could tell me what happened, and help me finish my tower.

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